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Metropolitan Community College


Omaha, NE

Project Name

Project OCTEIN (Open Community Technology Initiative Nebraska)

Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match



Metropolitan Community College, in partnership with several partners, seeks to implement Project OCTEIN as a scalable, targeted training initiative to strengthen the STEM talent pipeline in high-demand information and technology (IT) occupations that are critical to the growth of Omaha’s regional economy.

Project OCTEIN seeks to align and extend existing systems and knowledge in order to establish, test, and refine a new workforce model that features: 1) targeted, collaborative recruitment of underrepresented populations into STEM/IT; 2) a multi-tiered training ladder featuring three layers of training leading to certification and placement in IT careers; 3) braided one-on-one and material support to address barriers to successful completion; 4) an array of work-based learning opportunities in the local IT sector for a large percentage of program completers; and 5) high potential for synergistic leveraging and program enhancements through existing programs and new partnerships.

Program partners include Heartland Workforce Solutions (the local Workforce Investment Board), Urban League, Omaha Citywide STEM Ecosystem, Learning Community Center of Douglas County, Empowerment Network, and local employers.

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