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Rung for Women


St. Louis, MO

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Women in Geospatial Careers

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Rung for Women, along with partners Maryville University and Greater St. Louis, Inc., will work with employers who use geospatial technology to meet their workforce needs while seeking to increase the number of women, especially women of color, in geospatial careers.

Rung for Women will create the Women in Geospatial Careers program to provide trainees with the coaching, training, support, and skill development needed to successfully enter geospatial careers. The primary training components include a 10-week professional skills course and a 12-week Geospatial Analyst Training Program. Geospatial employers informed the curriculum and sit on the Employer Advisory Council, which provides ongoing feedback to Rung for Women about the preparedness of new employees. Three geospatial partners have agreed to hire Women in Geospatial Careers trainees. Additional employers will be engaged during the project period to ensure 50 women access high-quality jobs upon program completion.

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