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University of Arizona

Name of UC The University of Arizona Native FORGE
Location 44 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701
EDA Regional Office Atlanta
Year One 2022
Contact Claudia Nelson ([email protected])
Principal Investigator(s) Nathan Levi Esquerra; Brian Ellerman, [email protected]; [email protected], 520-621-3165
Website https://forge.arizona.edu/native-forge
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The University of Arizona Native FORGE (Finding Opportunities and Resources to Grow Entrepreneurs) is an innovative effort to develop and expand the City of Tucson and American Indian private sector within Arizona by providing and facilitating high quality development and support services to distressed and underserved communities. Our program will work with Tribal Nations and American Indian owned businesses to develop economic-based initiatives aimed at progressive growth while adhering to principled traditional cultures that have sustained American Indian people for centuries. Specifically, Native FORGE will: 1) provide technical assistance to tribal nations in Arizona by conducting research and providing data for tribal use in workforce assessment, business forecasting, economic and community planning, and funding development, etc. 2) provide technical assistance/training for tribes in survey construction, survey administration and survey data analysis so that they may gather their own local data; and 3) develop a web portal to support the resources for the center participants, including the public data for tribal use.


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