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University of Connecticut

Name of UC Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center (CMSC)
Location 159 Discovery Drive, Storrs, CT 06269
EDA Regional Office Philadelphia
Year One 2016
Contact Jiong Tang, Co-PI ([email protected])
Principal Investigator(s) Jeongho Kim, Director, [email protected], (860) 486-2746
Website https://cmsc.uconn.edu/

The Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center (CMSC) provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a shared technical assistance resource for computer modeling‐based design, development, testing, and validation that is capable of supporting product development and innovation and improving SME competitiveness in the global economy. CMSC aims to provide resources with a focus on model-based definition (MBD) using supportive technologies such as digital twins, “the innovation backbone of the future”1 and artificial intelligence (AI). CMSC believes that MBD, aided by high-performance computing (HPC), can help increase efficiency and lower the cost throughout the entire design cycle of innovative products, even beyond recent manufacturing improvements. CMSC will be a consistent and accessible MBD resource to CT SMEs with the goals of cultivating innovation (30%), developing a high‐skilled workforce (40%), and expanding regional businesses (30%).


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