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University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Name of UC UK Innovate University Center
Location 145 Graham Avenue Lexington, KY 40506-0286
EDA Regional Office Atlanta
Year One 2017
Contact Kim Carter ([email protected] )
Principal Investigator(s) Christine Wildes, [email protected], 859-304-1770
Website https://www.research.uky.edu/uk-innovate/uk-innovate-university-center-ukuc

UK Innovate, the University of Kentucky’s (“UK”) innovation and entrepreneurship enterprise within UK Research, has made significant investments to develop and combine commercialization expertise, entrepreneurship culture, and student experiential opportunities to support its land-grant economic development mission for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. To catalyze these efforts with dedicated training for students statewide to work directly with technologies and startups in need of team resources, UK proposes the UK Innovate University Center (the “UKUC” or “University Center”), featuring programs to accelerate the commercialization of university technologies, train students for entrepreneurial experiences, and disseminate digital literacy to advance these capabilities. The UKUC will accomplish its commercialization, entrepreneurial culture, and training goals through three key programs and activities accompanied by services focused on training and matching student teams with commercialization ventures: UK Innovate Force, UK Innovate Digital Certifications, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Literacy.


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