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Univeristy of New Mexico (UNM) Rainforest Innovations

Name of UC New Mexico Rainforest University Center
Location 101 Broadway Blvd NE Suite 1100, Albuquerque NM 87102
EDA Regional Office Austin
Year One 2018
Contact Cara Michaliszyn, Director of Economic Development ([email protected])
Principal Investigator(s) Lisa Kuuttila, CEO & Chief E.D. Officer, [email protected], 505-272-7900
Website http://loborainforest.com/nmrainforest/

The focus of the New Mexico Rainforest University Center (UC) will support all of the areas of university‐based economic growth – supporting regional commercialization efforts through a gap funding program as well as advancing high‐growth entrepreneurship, cultivating innovation, encouraging business expansion in a region’s innovation cluster(s), and developing a high‐skilled work force through entrepreneurship fundamental training. Since the Center will be a distributed model for cultivating these focus areas at all the University of New Mexico (UNM) sites (Main Campus in Albuquerque and UNM West in Rio Rancho and branches in Taos, Los Alamos, Valencia and Gallup), the degree of emphasis of the focus area will be adapted to each region. The focus areas are anticipated to be as follows: regional commercialization efforts, high-growth entrepreneurship, cultivating innovation, business expansion, and high-skilled work force.


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