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University of South Carolina

Name of UC University of South Carolina Office Economic Engagement
Location 541 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201
EDA Regional Office Atlanta
Year One 2017
Contact William Kirkland, Executive Director ([email protected])
Principal Investigator(s) Charles Hardaway, Deputy Executive Director, [email protected], 803-777-0066
Website https://sc.edu/about/offices_and_divisions/economic_engagement/index.php
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The USC STEM Workforce Development Network (USCWD) will build on the success of USC Innovation Clusters and will help the state become a nationally recognized leader in developing talent from K-12 to career through innovation, workforce and skill development in talent need areas such as cyber security, manufacturing, supply chain, aerospace, etc. To date, the state has been funding the growth of these areas through statewide programs, innovation centers, public-private partnerships, traditional and applied education programs and a university-connected incubator. This grant will help accelerate progress towards making South Carolina a nationally recognized provider of talent, workforce development, and innovation in these focus areas. The USC STEM Workforce Development Network will provide an education and skill pipeline development program supported by organizational and technological innovation, put on events and trainings, facilitate partnerships with industry, and spur innovation through access to federal, state, and private funding.


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