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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Name of UC EDA University Center at the Community Development Institution, Division of Extension, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Location Pyle Center Suite 130 702 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706
EDA Regional Office Chicago
Year One 2021
Contact Tessa Conroy ([email protected])
Principal Investigator(s) Kristin Runge, [email protected], 608-263-4545 or 800-443-6162
Website https://cced.ces.uwex.edu/eda-university-center/

The EDA University Center at the Community of Development Institution will use applied research as a foundation for work as a trusted partner of economic development organizations and practitioners across Wisconsin. The University Center will offer community workshops around key issues; collaborative statewide, regional summits with our partners; professional development meetings for practitioners; and a broad range of direct community support. These educational programs provide data interpretation, peer-to-peer learning, and an opportunity to coordinate efforts across communities and organizations. These interactions provide an opportunity for economic development stakeholders to share local insights, issues, and needs to guide the activities of the University Center so that we can continue to be a responsive, engaged partner.

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