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August 25, 2021

EDA’s Economic Integrator Catalyzes Interagency Investments in San Diego

Nestled between Balboa Park and the San Diego International Airport, Maple Canyon is a unique green space that buffers business with nature inside San Diego’s sprawling, urban core. When flooding hit the canyon in 2017, a vast ecosystem of interdependent commercial enterprises, transportation networks, and natural habitats was impacted.
  • Economic Development Integration
May 5, 2021

EDA and Feed the Hunger Help Stabilize Market Access for Hawaii’s Small Farmers

The coronavirus pandemic hit Hawaii’s tourist economy like the surf at Pe’ahi; almost overnight, visitor arrivals plummeted more than 99 percent.1 But the impact of the disaster was felt far beyond the normally crowded beaches and mega-resorts of Waikiki and Wailea. The requisitioning of Aloha Stadium’s parking lots to store unused rental cars partially displaced a popular community market.
  • Small Business Development/RLF