June 1, 2021

“Building Back Better” with Improved American Infrastructure

Each year, a significant amount of EDA funding is allocated to support locally-driven infrastructure projects under EDA’s Public Works (PDF) and Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) (PDF) programs.

Under the Biden Administration, improving our country’s infrastructure is critical in helping America build back better. The President’s American Jobs Plan outlines a variety of ways to specifically improve our infrastructure, pointing to many of the categories in which EDA specializes when it comes to helping distressed communities: building and improving roadwaysrailwaysports, and airports; ensuring clean drinking water and high-speed broadband; and revitalizing critical building infrastructure for businesseshealthcare institutionsschools.

EDA’s investments improve technology-based facilities that use distance learning networks, smart rooms, and smart buildings. We have also funded multi-tenant manufacturing buildings and other facilities to help make more products on American soil. Critically, EDA investments can also help address the climate crisis, including developing and implementing green products, processes (including green infrastructure), places, and buildings.

According to the American Jobs Plan Fact Sheet, the United States of America is the wealthiest country globally but ranks 13th in terms of infrastructure. EDA is committed to helping our communities continue to change this narrative by investing in projects that champion strength, resilience, and necessity while simultaneously creating jobs and attracting private investment.

This newsletter provides examples from communities that have used EDA funding in creative ways to implement infrastructure projects that have elevated their regional economies. We look forward to assisting even more communities with infrastructure projects in the quest to Build Back Better and continue improving the lives of all Americans.