U.S. Economic development administration value proposition statement

  • EDA Makes It Easier for Businesses to Start and Grow in the U.S

    EDA’s investments in planning, technical assistance, infrastructure and capacity building support business start-up and expansion to enable towns and cities all across the country to build strong, durable and resilient local economies that produce good wages for American workers.

  • EDA Matching Grants Start with Local Business Conditions and Needs –Not Washington’s.

    Instead of a Washington-knows-best approach, EDA works hand-in-hand with local economic development partners toadvance their locally-developed projects which are linked to the region’s long-term, sustainable economic development strategy. Partnering with EDA, these priority projects often can be implemented in a short timeframe.

  • EDA Drives Innovation and Entrepreneurship Throughout Our Country, Especially in Our Manufacturing Sector, to Help U.S. Workers and Businesses Compete Globally.

    From grants that help build rail lines, improve wastewater treatment facilities, or constructbuildings and roads –EDA invests in the critical infrastructure needed by businesses to locate or expand in the U.S., generating thousands of middle-class jobs in areas of the country that need them the most. EDA also makes strategic investments that equip American workers with the skills new or expanding businesses need to be successful.

Through its network of regionally-based staff and a portfolio of flexible investment mechanisms, EDA helps hundreds of communities, especially thosesuffering economic distress, take control of their future.