Economic Recovery Corps

The Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) new Economic Recovery Corps will create a connected network addressing the resource gap between planning and implementation, boosting the capacity of communities to implement locally driven economic development strategies. Through a $30 million cooperative agreement, the ERC will recruit and place more than 65 trained Fellows in economic development organizations throughout the nation. Serving three-year terms, Fellows will help organizations (known as Host Entities) develop and execute regional economic development plans and projects in the communities they serve.

The Economic Recovery Corps program will be run by a coalition of organizations known as the Network Operator, who will develop and grow a strong network among the Fellows, producing real-time insights and benefit to extend across the larger economic development landscape.

The Network Operator is led by the International Economic Development Council. Other coalition members, include:

Through a combination of strategic, operational, and funding support, Fellows will enhance the capacity of their host organizations and help improve economic development outcomes in their host regions. Recruitment for Fellows and Host Entity eligibility will be announced in Spring 2023. Email the ERC Network Operator at to join their mailing list for program updates.

More Information

  • Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)
  • Federal News Network Podcast featuring the Economic Recovery Corps program (aired December 9, 2022)
  • Thriving Communities Network.  EDA’s ERC program is part of the Department of Commerce’s broader efforts to provide financial and technical assistance to advance locally driven strategies for inclusive and resilient regional economies. Through the interagency Thriving Communities Network, EDA is committed to coordinating the ERC program and collaborating closely with partnering agencies including DOT, EPA, USDA, Energy, GSA, HUD and more on an array of planning, implementation, and technical support programs available to ensure these investments create long-term benefits nationwide. Learn about additional federal place-based technical assistance resources available in your community on the Thriving Communities Network website at:

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