Bounce Innovation Hub


Akron, OH


Project Name

Fusion Fund Project



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The Bounce Innovation Hub and its partners will create a $20 million public-private focused seed fund (the “Fusion Fund”) to help bridge a funding and resource gap for software-based entrepreneurs and startup companies in the Akron, Ohio region. The project will support and accelerate the creation of the fund, enabling Bounce and its partners to raise additional investment capital and bring together diverse clusters to encourage software company startups in the region. Once established, the Fusion Fund will provide critical capital for innovation-based startups and companies with high growth potential in the software space, and provide access to the facilities, mentors, and resources available through the Bounce’s 300,000 sq ft Innovation Hub. After five years, Bounce anticipates the Fund will create 250 jobs, and support 20 new companies that raise approximately $75 million in follow-on investment capital.