StartUp NV, Inc.


Las Vegas, NV


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Southern Nevada Angel Conference Seed Fund



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StartUpNV will launch the Southern Nevada Angel Conference Seed Fund, an annual investor conference and seed fund. The project seeks to expand the successes of the Reno Angel Conference Seed Fund to other regions within the state, in particular Southern Nevada including the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise metropolitan areas. To fill the void of early-stage investment capital available to companies and increase the quantity and quality of seed stage deal flow, StartUpNV will organize a yearly Southern Nevada Angel Conference for investors throughout the Western US. However, only local early-stage companies will be eligible to pitch to the new Southern Nevada Angel Conference Seed Fund, with special emphasis on increasing investments in women- and Hispanic-led startups. The new fund anticipates allocating at least $1 million in early-stage capital over the three year grant period, creating 75 new jobs. Five years after the grant, StartUpNV expects to have raised at least $4 million in seed capital, invested in at least 24 companies, and supported the creation of at least 300 jobs.