November 10 - 16, 2023

EDA announced two investments from November 10-16, 2023, totaling $4,420,000, which is matched by $1,105,260 in local investments.  These Economic Adjustment Assistance-2023 Disaster Supplemental projects will help regions that are experiencing severe economic distress or other economic hardship resulting from Hurricanes Ian and Fiona, wildfires, flooding, and other natural disasters occurring in calendar years 2021 and 2022 as follows:

  • $4,420,000 in two 2023 Disaster Supplemental projects, matched by $1,105,260 in local investments, as follows:
    • $2,720,000, matched by $680,000 in local investment, to the Baton Rouge Health District, Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, to support the establishment of the R.E.A.C.H. Gateway Infrastructure and Resiliency project, to enhance the current healthcare district into a cohesive destination for quality healthcare that is resilient to future disasters, inclusive of and accessible to all communities, and a district that remains an economic catalyst even during times of disaster.  The project goals include: (1) Defined Gateway Infrastructure (2) Green Enhancements for Intersections and (3) Improved wayfinding to ensure all communities can reach their healthcare destination and access treatments.  Once completed, the project will boost economic resiliency, which will strengthen the regional economy and support economic growth throughout the region.
    • $1,700,000, matched by $425,260 in local investment, to the City of West Monroe, West Monroe/Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, to support the construction of infrastructure improvements and repairs to the Black Bayou Canal in West Monroe, Louisiana.  The Canal serves as the main artery for drainage in the city, with 80% of the stormwater from surface streets draining into the Canal and out to the Ouachita River.  Time and large storms have deteriorated portions of the Canal to an unsustainable level.  The project work includes the demolition, removal grading, compaction, and installation of new structurally reinforced concrete along approximately 1,600 feet of the most deteriorated and damaged portions of the concrete Canal.  Once completed, the project will lay the groundwork for long-term economic vitality and advance economic resiliency throughout the region.