February 10, 2022

EDA Seeks Additional Applications to Conduct Research on American Rescue Plan Programs

EDA American Rescue Plan Programs

EDA seeks additional applications for grants to support research of EDA’s American Rescue Plan, which aim to strengthen regional economies nationwide and support economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

EDA is currently reviewing applications for American Rescue Plan funding and has determined that it has received no or limited applications addressing critical areas of research into the following EDA American Rescue Plan programs – Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA); Indigenous CommunitiesTravel, Tourism & Outdoor Recreation; and Statewide Planning.

EDA encourages new applications specifically focused on these research areas or entities that have already submitted applications to submit modifications to their proposals to encompass these additional research areas. Click here to view the Notice of Funding Opportunity and to submit an application.

The deadline to apply is 11:59 p.m. ET March 11.

Research awards – ranging from $200,000 to $600,000 each – should be national in scope and focus on one of the research areas identified above; and will support real-time data collection and understanding of the implementation of an identified American Rescue Plan program. Specifically, EDA is looking to fund research projects that will allow EDA to understand how the full suite of American Rescue Plan funding is being used, identify lessons learned about how the programs are being implemented, and ultimately support, facilitate, and encourage learning in real-time. No matching funds are required. However, provision of match is an evaluation criterion under the Research component and applications that propose matching share may be considered more competitive in the evaluation process.

Awards will provide critical, cutting-edge research and best practices to regional, state, and local practitioners in the economic development field, thereby enhancing understanding and implementation of economic development concepts throughout the country.

EDA will evaluate each application based on:

  • Organizational or applicant capacity and personnel;
  • Strategic approach;
  • Feasibility of the budget and financial match;
  • Feasibility of deliverables and timeline;
  • Sustainability, scalability, and dissemination; and
  • Cross-collaboration with other EDA and/or other economic development partners.

For more information, click here to view a webinar about the EDA American Rescue Plan Research & Networks program. (Webinar PPT slides here - PDF)

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