FIRES & Economic Recovery Workshops

Federal Interagency Resource Exchange (FIRE)

A Federal Interagency Resource Exchange (FIRE) is a locally organized information-sharing and relationship-building event intended for communities and regions experiencing economic distress. Communities best suited for a FIRE include those which are:

  • Beginning to gather critical economic and demographic data, evaluate economic development options, and analyze economic revitalization strategies;
  • Establishing baseline knowledge of relevant federal programs and contacts; and
  • Seeking a forum to exchange information and establish working relationships with inter-governmental and cross-sector partners.

Economic Recovery Workshop

Economic Recovery Workshops resemble FIREs, but focus specifically on restoring regional economies after a major disaster, and typically within the context of the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) and the Economic Recovery Support Function (ERSF).

EDA serves as the lead coordinating agency for ERSF (PDF) on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC). In this role, EDA collaborates with its primary and supporting ERSF partner agencies in support of local, State and Tribal government disaster recovery efforts. The primary objective of the ERSF is to integrate the expertise of the Federal Government in support of strategic projects and investments that can result in sustainable, economically diverse and resilient communities and regions impacted by catastrophic disasters.

EDA’s ERSF partners are among the federal agencies that can participate in an Economic Recovery Workshop. EDA’s National Disaster Recovery Coordinator help disaster impacted communities to network with state and regional federal program contacts whose agencies administer resources that can support activities and projects that are critical to economic recovery. These include workforce development, business assistance, agricultural production, manufacturing, and physical infrastructure. EDA can also help communities and regions network and coordinate with other related Recovery Support Functions, including Community Planning and Capacity Building (PDF), Housing Recovery (PDF), and Health and Social Services (PDF).

How to Request EDA Assistance

Contact your Regional Economic Development Integrator to learn more about convening a FIRE or Economic Recovery Workshop in your community or region.

Please Note that while EDA does not offer financial assistance to support the costs associated with convening a FIRE or an Economic Recovery Workshop, EDA’s six regional integrators can provide critical technical and administrative support. Their network of federal and non-federal funding partners is a valuable form of technical support that Regional Integrators can offer to ensure that each FIRE includes federal program participants whose agency resources best suited to the agenda and objectives of the event.

Additionally, EDA’s network of Economic Development Districts (EDDs), University Centers (UCs), and other local and regional partners offer a valuable entry point through which EDA can introduce other agencies with complementary programs to its local and regional stakeholders.