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Shelton Economic Development Corporation

Jimmy Ryan, President, Shelton Economic Development Corporation 1984-2016

March 1, 1975 was a day to remember in the Lower Naugatuck Valley in Shelton, CT.

The former BF Goodrich plant was blown up in what is still remembered as on of the largest cases of industrial arson in the United Sates, in history. Nearly three thousand jobs were lost and many of the older workers never returned to work. Unemployment in Shelton and the Valley remained very high for many years as the City of Shelton worked to diversify it's economy and create a viable plan for the revitalization of historical downtown neighborhood.

EDA was one of the first responders to the scene, post fire, and assisted with a planning grant which helped launch initial consideration of the future of downtown, now a neighborhood which is proving attractive to significant new private investment and attractive landmark spaces including a Farm and Public Market, Housatonic Riverwalk, Veterans Memorial, Open Space, and a new Pavilion. The many activities the City and its partners have undertaken, State and Federal, have yielded on of the State of Connecticut's best examples of Smart Growth and successful Brownfields redevelopment.

Year's in the making EDA started the conversation with their proactive style and commitment.