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This site contains information that has been considered archived and will no longer be updated. Please click here to go to the CURRENT eda.gov website.

A bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce

Programs and Initiatives

EDA Programs

At EDA, we understand that some communities need help developing a plan and figuring out where to start their efforts. Others need critical infrastructure that will allow business to locate or expand operations. It’s a continuum, and EDA helps communities at every point along the way – from planning to public works, EDA is here to help! Please find information on our traditional economic development programs here.

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Multi-Agency Initiatives

Today, the Federal Government is collaborating like never before to catalyze local plans to drive innovation and create jobs. To help, EDA is leading a number of multi-agency initiatives focused on breaking down the bureaucratic silos in Washington so that we can be a more effective partner in the regions we serve. You can find information on these EDA-led multi-agency initiatives here.

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