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A bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce
EDI Background

Economic Development Integration (EDI)


EDA has been designated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to serve as the federal government’s lead integrator for economic development in recognition of:

  • The agency’s successful management of cross-agency place-based initiatives,
  • Its long-standing relationships with state and regional stakeholders through its Economic Development Districts, and
  • The fact that it is the only Federal agency whose sole mission is domestic economic development.

As the lead integrator of Federal economic development investments, EDA’s role is to facilitate planning, collaboration and coordination among participating Federal agencies to ensure that:

  • Federal resources are invested in support of locally-identified strategies and projects designed to produce transformational economic diversification and workforce development outcomes; and
  • Multiple Federal economic development resources are successfully aligned and invested to support various projects in discrete, non-duplicative activities.

Integrated Support for Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Growth

EDI will establish the policies and procedures EDA will use to serve as the Federal government’s lead integrator of economic development resources. In order to best facilitate interagency collaboration and resource integration, EDI policies and procedures will include:

  • Networking: Building and maintaining partnerships across Federal agencies, as well as state and local economic development organizations (both public and private).
  • Content Development: Developing comprehensive, understandable and actionable materials on federal, state, local and philanthropic economic development resources.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Improving community access to Federal program information, data and funding opportunities.
  • Streamlined Requirements: Enabling communities to pursue innovative solutions to complex economic challenges by negotiating the alignment of Federal policies, planning and program requirements.
  • Program Alignment: Integration of strategic investments from multiple Federal and non-Federal resources in high impact economic development projects.

You can learn more about how EDA is implementing EDI, and the Federal agency partners it is working with on the following pages:

Who Can I Contact for More Information about Economic Development Integration?

For more information pertaining to the mission and function of EDI, contact the EDA Division of Economic Development Integration at edi@eda.gov.

    Division of Economic Development Integration
    Economic Development Administration
    U.S. Department of Commerce
    1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 71014
    Washington DC 20230
    Phone: 202 942-2900
    Email: edi@eda.gov

For more information about how EDA can facilitate opportunities to collaborate, align resources and promote innovative strategies and projects to meet locally-identified economic development needs, contact your regional EDA office.