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2016 EDA National Conference Success Stories

I especially want to thank you for all you did to make us feel welcome at the EDA conference which was a fabulous event (I have been involved with EDA for 40 years – not to date myself! – and this was the best event ever!).

I wanted to thank you also for hosting us for cap to cap. We definitely didn’t have enough time to cover the issues and will need to follow up.

- Trish (Sacramento, CA)

The conference was one of the best conferences I have ever attended in my 30 years working in housing and economic development.

- Glenn (Richmond, VA)

The event ran without a hitch and all the speakers, panelists and your EDA team, as I spoke to some of them individually throughout the conference, were truly helpful, extremely knowledgeable and, quite frankly, really “knew their stuff”

I not only left the conference with more knowledge and tools I can use, but I left energized by the success stories that were shared. Hearing about successful partnerships with universities, dynamic neighborhood revitalizations, business turnarounds (particularly in manufacturing) and entrepreneurial victories left me eager to continue to make a difference in my community.

I am sure that the information shared and lessons learned during the conference will make history happen somewhere – perhaps even here in Pennsylvania. And I thank and congratulate you and your team for being the catalyst of that through the provision of a great event.

- Eric (Hanover Township, PA)


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