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Funding Opportunities Background

Office of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (OIE)

Louisiana Tech University
(a former 2011 i6 Green grantee)


Ruston, Louisiana

Project Name

I-20 Corridor Maker’s Innovation Network



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Over the last several years, significant progress has been made toward the growth of the technology workforce pipeline, the improvement of business and technology literacy, the increase in access to capital, the enhancement of regional cooperation, and the strengthening of entrepreneurial networks, while coordination and cooperation is developing across the region on specific business development activities.  Louisiana Tech University (LATech) has played a key role in communicating principles of technology-based economic development and in energizing community leaders to pursue this goal.  For example, its Regional Jobs Accelerator is implementing an innovative strategy for bringing our smaller communities into the regional innovation ecosystem.

The I-20 Corridor Maker’s Innovation Network will integrate interdisciplinary maker-spaces, entrepreneurship, and business development across the region to enhance new product development to help lead to new job creation and economic growth.  The program comprises key components: (1) investments in physical infrastructure for maker-spaces; (2) programmatic resources and outreach to attract and support makers from a variety of fields including the Maker Training Market; and (3) a network of regional partners to extend this strategy across the I-20 corridor, encourage increased investment in maker-spaces, and leverage the diverse capabilities for technical assistance and business development support in the region.