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Funding Opportunities Background

Office of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (OIE)

The Regents of New Mexico State University


Las Cruces, NM

Project Name

Arrowhead Park Health-Tech Cluster Planning Grant


Science & Research Park Development Grants

Award Amount


New Mexico is at a crossroads with respect to two significant problems in the state: a severe shortage of healthcare professionals to care for the specific and growing needs of the local population, and a crippling per capita income deficit across the state, with more than 40% of children living under the poverty level.  These issues, combined with a lack of clear initiatives to address needs of a workforce trained for higher wage positions, rising costs of healthcare, and a forecast of more New Mexico healthcare professionals retiring in the coming years than anywhere else in the country, led to the idea of expanding Arrowhead Park’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative business and research environment around a healthcare delivery and medical technology development cluster (Health-Tech).  The ultimate goal is to positively impact the region through improved health for citizens, more effective and efficient healthcare delivery, job and wealth creation, and a trained workforce foundational to a more robust, stable economy for years to come.

The applicant suggests expected outcomes in development of this cluster for the next five years include the addition of 580 jobs and over $100 million in private building and infrastructure investment. A longer ten-year planning horizon estimate of impact forecasts 830 new jobs and $170 million in total private capital investment.