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Office of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (OIE)

(a former 2010 i6 Challenge grantee)


St. Louis, Missouri

Project Name

St. Louis Regional Bioscience Proof of Concept Center



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The St. Louis Bioscience Regional Proof of Concept Center (the “POCC”) will expand St. Louis’ ability to consistently create high-growth entrepreneurial ventures from the wealth of basic bioscience innovation in the region by creating a robust Proof of Concept Center to complete the region’s bioscience commercialization support continuum.  The Proof of Concept Center will engage a diverse set of individuals—with various backgrounds and deep, relevant industry experience—into an integrated review of technical and commercial viability of pre-company bioscience innovations, advancing early innovations from the research lab to the market and resulting in new start-up companies, new private investment in the region, new job creation, and an enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The POCC will growing the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, especially at the intersection of the bioscience cluster and the IT technology cluster around the region’s big data in genomics and plant science strengths.  Additionally, The POCC will help strengthen regional connections by further linking innovators and entrepreneurs to the regional business community and economic development resources through the BioSTL Coalition and through increased connections to major corporate partners in the region.  By engaging industry professionals to support innovation at its earliest stages, the POCC will spur innovation and bring increased expertise to bear toward converting research at regional institutions into new enterprises.  This incorporation of industry experts at the earliest stages of research commercialization will integrate market-focused scientific review into the academic environment, greatly accelerating commercialization from institution labs into the market.