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Office of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (OIE)

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership


St. Louis, MO

Project Name

Global Plant Science Quad Master Plan


Science & Research Park Development Grants

Award Amount


Development of a Master Plan for the project area will provide the framework for building a cohesive research park strategy that is regionally optimized.  Importantly, the hub would strengthen opportunities for regional economic growth and globalization in bioscience research and commercialization, support entrepreneurship and collaborative innovation, create high paying jobs, enhance workforce opportunity at a range of levels, increase opportunities for investors in the region, and accelerate product time to market.  Upon completion of the planning and execution, the project will solidify and propel the St. Louis region and the research park's reputation as a global leader in plant and life sciences attracting new jobs and businesses in the next three to five years.  The Master Plan will facilitate the development of the area as a center of activity for entrepreneurs and international bioscience and technology businesses, cutting-edge research, global plant science leadership, prestigious international conferences, and more, thereby advancing the growth of science-based activity in the region. 

The plan will define the desirable mix of active uses and the density and scale of future development, including the exploration of economic and sustainability strategies.  This expanded park and innovation hub will further the region’s economic development efforts to elevate and expand the existing plant science ecosystem from idea generation to commercialization, creating jobs and increasing regional competitiveness on an international scale.  It will also propose strategies to guide future streetscapes, open spaces, gateways, and buildings that will comprise the urban framework for enlivening the public realm and creating a vibrant and integrated district.

The Master Plan will include strategies key to creating a thriving research community integrated into its surroundings, including a design framework; an economic study and strategies; traffic, pedestrian, biking circulation, and parking strategies; and sustainable strategies.