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Office of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (OIE)



Phoenix, Arizona

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Southwest Proof of Concept Commercialization Center (BioAccel)



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BioAccel’s Southwest Proof of Concept & Commercialization Center aims (1) to increase capacity to provide additional technical assistance for its current portfolio of proof of concept projects and companies and (2) to increase the number of trained entrepreneurs who will create the technology business of tomorrow.  By expanding its proof of concept program known as the Technology Advancement Program (TAP), BioAccel will continue to address various gaps in the commercialization continuum.  Based on BioAccel’s work in this space over the past five years, it has determined that many entrepreneurs do not have a clear understanding of the components along the commercialization continuum for biomedical technologies and that a proof of concept program, with a strong education component, could have a significant impact on the quality, success, and viability of technology commercialization projects.

Building on a successful track record as a proof of concept and commercialization center, BioAccel will expand TAP.  TAP has had a positive impact on successful outcomes in the creation of new technology-based businesses and in the commercialization of products and services.  BioAccel will expand its regional impact by developing a regional expansion plan in partnership with the biomedical engineering programs at Arizona State University and at the University of California at Irvine.  The expanded program will provide increased technical assistance; skills development through the education of new entrepreneurs; a better connected regional ecosystem; and increased access to business accelerator facilities and to capital for company creation.