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Office of Innovation and
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Baton Rouge, LA

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Louisiana Deal Flow Accelerator


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Southeast Louisiana has significant innovation and educational assets, including the state’s two largest cities (New Orleans and Baton Rouge), and is poised to accelerate the growth of its innovation economy. However, its early stage companies have struggled to attract the seed/angel capital needed to fuel growth leading to later stage investments and success. There are three root causes behind this struggle and solving them is essential to unlocking the region’s full potential. First, a high percentage of early stage companies applying for funding are not investment-ready. Second, many of Southeast Louisiana’s accredited investors do not participate in local early stage funds and networks because they’ve achieved their wealth through later stage investments in traditional industries. And third, considering that Southeast Louisiana hosts three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), minorities are vastly underrepresented in our seed stage deal flow.

The Louisiana Deal Flow Accelerator consists of three programs designed to address the root causes of weak seed stage deal flow in Southeast Louisiana. The Investment Readiness Program provides targeted one-on-one assistance to early stage companies based on specific feedback from regional capital providers familiar with each company. The Seed Capital Outreach Program conducts investor seminars to educate and inform traditional investors on the risks and rewards of providing seed and angel capital to local early stage companies. The HBCU BizTech Challenge Program issues social and business challenges to Louisiana HBCU students to solve via hackathon-driven business plan competitions. Winners will be eligible for the Investment Readiness Program.

The three programs of the Louisiana Deal Flow Accelerator will collectively increase the quantity, quality and diversity of Louisiana’s seed stage deal flow. They will also boost the number of traditional accredited investors participating in seed funds and angel networks, subsequently escalating the amount of funding available for early stage companies. The Louisiana Deal Flow Accelerator is based on proven models and is projected to achieve self-sustainability by year three.