Funding Opportunity

Integrating Economic Development Across the Federal Government

Status: Closed
Application deadline

EDA is seeking applications for a one (1) year cooperative agreement to conduct research and analysis that results in tools for better aligning and integrating federal economic development programs. A core piece of this work will involve the creation and delivery of comprehensive, useable economic development program content that will facilitate access to and maximize the efficiency of such programs. Ultimately, such tools will permit communities seeking federal and other assistance to achieve their economic development objectives. Applicants should describe how they would develop and deliver comprehensive information, including an inventory of federal economic development programs and related content that identifies and clearly delineates the parameters for all economic development programs administered by all federal agencies. At a minimum, parameters for each program must include eligibility, typical uses, complementary uses, target applicant type, the types of activities supported by the program, other funding requirements or constraints and the outputs and outcomes expected by the programs. The ideal inventory would use the lens of EDA's logic model to identify how four key areas of economic development capacity are advanced through the identified federal economic development programs. Additionally, research and analysis will be conducted to explore the extent to which EDA's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) process could fulfill or better align with the economic/community/workforce development planning requirements of other Federal economic development programs. See section I.C of this FFO. Recommendations are sought for improved alignment of planning requirements across such programs.