WTIA Workforce Institute

Project Title: Managing Apprenticeship as a Service: From Talent Consumption to Creation
Region (applicant-defined)/State(s) or territory served: Multi-state: Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington
Phase (applicant-defined): System Development
Award Amount: $23,500,000
Key Industry / Industries: Information Technology
Contact: Jennifer Carlson, Executive Director, [email protected]
Project Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)
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A talented technology workforce is crucial to the competitiveness of regions across the country. With funding from the Good Jobs Challenge, WTIA Workforce Institute, also known as Apprenti, will help 11 regions across the country develop their local technology workforce with a focus on diverse talent pools and underrepresented communities. Building on its proven track record of successfully carrying out apprenticeship programs in the technology sector, Apprenti will train workers for high-paying cloud computing jobs and increase economic competitiveness and growth in the regions it supports. Employer partners include Boeing and Amazon Web Services, which are partnering to scale this nationwide, sustainable apprenticeship model for the cloud computing industry.

The project narrative included above is what was submitted by the applicants. The final EDA-approved scope of work may differ.