CLT Joules


Charlotte, NC


Project Name

Cleantech Commercialization Corridor





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CLT Joules and the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster will create a Cleantech Commercialization Corridor (C3) to provide a platform for cleantech startups to deliver solutions to North Carolina. C3 will be a new consortium of utilities, municipalities, industry leaders, and university professionals, leveraging the regional assets of the greater Charlotte and Research Triangle regions – including the country’s largest electric utility and the largest smart-grid cluster of companies in the world – to fuel North Carolina’s clean energy innovation.

C3 will identify obstacles to cleantech commercialization and enhance entrepreneurs’ access to advisors and markets. A new Cleantech Catalyst Accelerator will expand to include cities and universities to identify commercially-relevant, local problems for entrepreneurs to solve. To better respond to the practical needs of local governments and increase the capacity of North Carolina communities to support entrepreneurship, C3 will host marketing events and application challenges across the region and state.

As a result, C3 expects to see increased entrepreneurship activity, greater collaboration between municipalities, the creation of pilots and demonstration projects providing startups with market traction, export opportunities via industry connections, and the creation of 100 new jobs.