Social Enterprise Greenhouse


Providence, RI


Project Name

Building a Statewide, Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem





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Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) will pilot two new satellite locations in Northern and Southern Rhode Island. Although Rhode Island has experienced significant growth and positive momentum in its entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem over the past several years, the activity has largely focused on certain Providence urban areas and entrepreneurs who are visible, connected, and able to access ecosystem resources and opportunity.

SEG aims to develop a statewide innovation ecosystem that leverages the small size of the state and its cohesive networks and accessibility to fully maximize the potential of innovation in the entire state. SEG’s two regional satellites will leverage the infrastructure and entrepreneurship support track record of SEG to reach a more diverse population of entrepreneurs. This additional capacity would enable SEG to spur entrepreneurial activity in many of Rhode Island’s 25 Opportunity Zones. Initial efforts will focus on conducting entrepreneurial landscape and needs assessments, engaging in outreach and recruitment, providing business technical assistance and concierge services customized to local needs, and delivering coaching and ongoing network support.

Anticipated outputs include recruiting over 50 entrepreneurs and businesses from satellite geographies to access SEG services, serving over 20 entrepreneurs in office hours with attorneys and business service specialists, and providing at least 10 industry or research connections for high potential entrepreneurs.