Oak Crest Institute of Science

Monrovia / Oak Crest Science and Technology Incubator Program (MOST-IP)

Monrovia, CA

i6 Challenge

Federal Share: $748,930.00
Local Match: $760,792.00

In collaboration with the City of Monrovia and Newton World Enterprises LLC, OCIS launched the Monrovia - Oak Crest Science and Technology Incubator Program (MOST-IP) to develop and mature internal and external discoveries into products, provide access to laboratory infrastructure, scientific know-how and high-end equipment, teach scientists and diverse students basic entrepreneurial concepts, and support the formation and sustainability of startups through continuing business services. By providing access to all these pieces together, MOST-IP removes barriers not only in early technology development but also in long-term business success and survival. This will create a pipeline that can translate lab discoveries into products in an agile, low-cost manner, while sustaining MOST-IP through a broad mix of laboratory lease income, scientific services and equity / licensing agreements. The intellectual and existing physical layout of MOST-IP ensures support of startups, particularly in the critical early technology readiness levels where hurdles are high and funding is scarce. MOST-IP will also serve a diverse population of future entrepreneurs through business seminars and an internship program, in collaboration with local schools, colleges and workforce development organizations.