Regents of New Mexico State University

Innovation and Commercialization for a Regional Energy Workforce (I-CREW)

Las Cruces, NM

i6 Challenge

Federal Share: $750,000.00
Local Match: $750,000.00

The College of Engineering (COE) at New Mexico State University (NMSU) sponsors Innovation and Commercialization for a Regional Energy Workforce (I-CREW), a program focused on clean energy as an emerging economic opportunity to create and retain jobs, enhance commercialization and innovation, and foster regional connectivity. With the recent passage of the Energy Transition Act in New Mexico, this project is timely as the state positions itself to support a clean energy economy, a transition requiring job training and retraining, education, and economic development, inclusive of rural, economically disadvantaged, and Native American communities.

NMSU brings an experienced team to the I-CREW project. Strengthened by a statewide network with strong ties to communities, national laboratories, government agencies, energy industries and businesses, the team’s experience working together will foster job creation through education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and workforce development. Building on this network, I-CREW will develop effective collaborations that link and leverage assets to create new opportunities and convert high-priority opportunities into measurable outcomes. Opportunities will focus on identifying and accelerating clean energy technology integration and commercialization, and development of a statewide clean energy workforce. Further, I-CREW will leverage a planned state workforce study to ensure new job creation inclusive of low-income and rural communities. I-CREW will enable job creation and advance a clean energy economy necessary to build the workforce of the future.