New England Aquarium Corporation

BlueSwell Incubator Program

Boston, MA

Industry Challenge

Federal Share: $597,425
Local Match: $606,242

Bluetech is becoming one of New England’s top clusters, supported by Greater Boston’s deep capabilities in both venture innovation and ocean related research. By supporting early founders in areas including offshore renewable energy, fisheries/aquaculture, shipping/ports, ocean observing/sensing, resilient waterfronts and marine pollution, the cluster can drive regional investment and STEM and working-class job growth. To accelerate this, the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium (NEAq/ACCOL) teamed up with SeaAhead to form the BlueSwell Incubator Program (BlueSwell), New England’s first dedicated, comprehensive early-stage bluetech incubator program. NEAq’s 50-year history as a regional leader in global ocean conservation reflects its mission to be a catalyst for global change through public engagement, innovative scientific research and advocacy. SeaAhead operates Greater Boston’s bluetech innovation hub, with 35+ ocean-related startup members and the Blue Angels investor program. BlueSwell will be located at SeaAhead's headquarters in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Boston, a co-working facility which hosts 2,000+ start-ups worldwide. BlueSwell focuses on bridging the gaps between innovators, ocean experts, industries and the venture community. Building off of partner and regional capabilities to support founders as they bring their innovations out of the lab, BlueSwell enables the path toward commercialization including: a milestone-based grant; a 20-week go-to-market strategy curriculum; mentorship; and streamlined access to investors. During the three-year grant period, BlueSwell will support 25+ founders through the earliest stages of commercialization.