Delaware Innovation Space, Inc.

Delaware Innovation Space, Inc.

Wilmington, DE

Venture Challenge

Federal Share: $1,488,083
Local Match: $1,488,083

The Delaware Innovation Space, Inc. (DISI) is the home for science entrepreneurs. In 2017, the State of Delaware, DuPont and the University of Delaware possessed the vision to create a non-profit organization and world-class innovation ecosystem that is now increasing regional business growth and diversification of the local economy. DISI is well positioned to now enhance and expand its program offerings to include the Hard Science Startup Accelerator program co-funded by EDA’s Build to Scale – Venture Challenge program that will be focused on the delivery of intensely focused mentoring, coaching, and training across the full spectrum of the hard science start-up lifecycle.

The dual lack of physical lab space and expert business mentorship and training is an oft-cited hurdle to the ultimate success of budding entrepreneurs in the hard sciences. The Hard Science Startup Accelerator will provide science entrepreneurs with access to structured programs that will improve their business concepts and plans. This combined with the physical assets of DISI which includes a 130,000+ sq. ft. state of the art laboratory/office complex with the amenities of a 21st century physical and virtual collaboration ecosystem will be employed to best assist and equip scalable startups with the tools and expert insights that they need to transform the markets in which they operate. This combined approach will stimulate job creation that will roughly double an incubator only approach and is estimated to create approximately 19,000 jobs over a 20-year time horizon.