University of Nebraska Medical Center


Omaha, NE


Build to Scale Program

Capital Challenge


Project Name

Omaha Medical Technology Development Alliance


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




This EDA investment will support the establishment of the Omaha Medical Technology Development Alliance, an organizational framework to expand capital deployment in the medical technology sector in the Greater Omaha-Council Bluffs area.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) – along with leadership from its affiliated translational research hub, the UNeTech Institute – will identify, educate, and connect potential sources of equity-based capital within the Omaha medical technology cluster, facilitating increased deal flow and building capacity in the region.

To accomplish these goals, UNeTech will execute four discrete tasks: 1) investor discovery, 2) investor outreach, 3) investor education, and 4) startup development. UNeTech will first define existing investor groups – their interests, needs, and concerns – convene and connect those with shared interests, and organize new investment groups. Next, UNeTech will create education and training programs to expand the field of potential investors and improve the capabilities of existing investors and investment groups. Finally, UNeTech will continue ongoing work to prepare medical technology startups with high commercial potential for investment and to better define these startups' capital needs.