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Battle Creek, MI


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Future Food Accelerator


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This EDA investment will support the Future Food Accelerator, a virtual accelerator that links leading-edge research and development facilities, university technology innovation programs, entrepreneurship support programs, industry/market experts, and domain experts to support high-growth, high-potential food and beverage companies located in or relocating to Southcentral Michigan. This collaboration between Battle Creek Unlimited, Michigan State University, Kellogg Community College, Kellogg Corporation, WK Kellogg Foundation, JPG Resources, and local stakeholders will facilitate development, acceleration, and technology-transfer within the region’s food innovation ecosystem.

The Future Food Accelerator will be a central hub for earlier-stage product development and will provide: (1) a single entry point for food and beverage innovations to access qualified review; (2) a proof-of-concept resource (including earlier-stage product development, market validation, training, counseling with business and industry experts, and limited legal support); (3) a connection to relevant industry experts, mentors, potential customers, and follow-on funding resources through corporate and other partners; and, (4) educational and networking events pertaining to writing requirement specifications, market validation, business development, pitching to investors, and other relevant topics.