Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center and Frederick Innovative Technology Center




Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge


Project Name

Ag & BioTechnology Commercialization Coalition (ABTC)  


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match


$1.8 million

$1.9 million

The Ag & BioTechnology Commercialization Coalition (ABTC) will be created to unify and expand Maryland’s leading incubators and accelerators and scale their foundational programs into a more expansive and comprehensive program. The effort would combine the unique commercial and technological resources of Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center and Frederick Innovation Technology Center to further enhance the economic success of burgeoning biotech entrepreneurs from the most distant, rural locations to the urban corridor of Maryland.

The ABTC will provide:

  • Physical lab resources and shared lab spaces to the growing sector of AgBiotech innovators;
  • Leading commercialization, investment, and industry advisory resources, including a new pilot manufacturing facility for transitioning from lab to market;
  • Access to technical resources for the acceleration, identification, and maturation of early-stage companies;
  • Programming to provide pathways to expedite advancement from lab-stage technology development to commercialization; and
  • A network of facilities providing scaled manufacturing capabilities.

Collaborative partnerships with partners such as Johns Hopkins University, TEDCO, and Thermo Fisher, will remove barriers to entrepreneurial growth and enhance the creation of new high-skill jobs promoting equitable economic growth.