Fearless Solutions


Baltimore, MD


Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge


Project Name

Hutch digital services incubator


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




Hutch is a Baltimore-based, 24-month incubator program providing minorities and women entrepreneurs with a blueprint for building successful, government-focused digital services firms. Established by Fearless in 2019, the Hutch program equips digital services entrepreneurs with the tools, mentorship, and peer-to-peer support needed to have a lasting impact on government clients and communities.

This EDA investment would support a private-public partnership between Hutch and the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), a nonprofit economic development organization for the city of Baltimore. BDC strives to grow a more equitable economy for the city by retaining, expanding, and attracting minority- and women-owned businesses in an inclusive manner and promoting investment in neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by institutional racism and/or generational poverty.