Innovate Mississippi


Jackson, MS


Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge


Project Name

Developing the Statewide Ecosystem through the CoBuilders Accelerator


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In 2021, Innovate Mississippi started working with regional partners in 7 areas of the state to pilot a 2022 statewide virtual accelerator called CoBuilders, which is designed to connect entrepreneurs across the state and enhance the success of underrepresented and rural entrepreneurs. This EDA investment will be used to turn these regional partners into fully operational entrepreneurial assistance organizations. By identifying, engaging, and linking a dependable pool of regional resources into one sustainable ecosystem, Innovate Mississippi can enhance the development process, advance technology commercialization, and act as a navigator for startups across the state seeking capital through our "Coach and Connect" model.

Developing regional partnerships ensure that each region will be better connected and equipped with local resources dedicated to identifying, cultivating, and accelerating innovation-based startups and connecting investors. Those regions will spur growth by pooling their local resources to create a statewide network comprised of mentors, service providers, events, and other activities. With the formation of the accelerator, the ecosystem will connect through a newly launched web platform to aid high-growth startups, investors, mentors, and local resources to help ensure retention and increase access to early-stage, risk capital.