New Energy Nexus


Brooklyn, NY


Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge


Project Name

The Clean Fight NY: Scaling Adoption of Clean Energy Solutions in New York


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match


$2 million

$2 million

This EDA investment will support the adoption of new clean energy technologies and remove barriers that inhibit growth-stage clean energy companies. This award will enable The Clean Fight NY to expand its core accelerator program to include 25 new high-impact growth-stage clean energy companies over three years, while 15 will receive manufacturing and readiness support. The initial accelerator program was designed to be New York's first growth-stage accelerator. At the time, New York’s ecosystem had an established set of early-stage accelerators that helped climate tech companies launch, which created the opportunity for the delivery of new services to assist with gaining market traction to reach full deployment. The focus became less about innovating solutions, but rather on innovating models of adoption, thus launching the ecosystem of adoption in which The Clean Fight NY is a leader today. After successfully piloting three cohorts from 2020 to 2022, The Clean Fight NY is positioned to scale its efforts by expanding into new verticals and supporting the world’s leading growth-stage clean energy companies to establish a presence and grow in New York.