University of California, Riverside


Riverside, CA


Build to Scale Program

Venture Challenge


Project Name

OASIS Accelerator: Building an Inclusive Technology, Sustainability-Focused Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Inland Empire


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match


$2 million

$2 million

The Opportunity to Advance Sustainability Innovation and Social Inclusion (OASIS) initiative is a public-private partnership led by the University of California, Riverside-Riverside (UCR) to drive regional economic development through research translation, innovation and entrepreneurship, and workforce development. OASIS focuses on advancing key technology verticals important to the Inland Empire region: sustainable logistics, energy storage, agriculture, and environmental health. The goal of this project is to accelerate the establishment and growth of a sustainability-focused innovation ecosystem in the Inland Empire through the creation of the OASIS Accelerator, an interconnected network of state-of-the-art test beds and pilot facilities and specialized, integrated business support, all in a single program. The initiative will provide a single point of access to all available resources, test beds, laboratory facilities and expert support on how to engage them. The OASIS Initiative and the OASIS Accelerator will provide a supportive environment where startups can test their products and technologies under real conditions, have access to a diverse talent pool of technical and business experts, and leverage the research excellence and entrepreneurial programs of UCR and its partners.