Central Indiana Corporate Partnership


Indianapolis, IN

Project Name

Indiana Seed Fund IV

Award Amount

Federal Share: $400,000
Local Match: $566,163

This EDA investment will support BioCrossroads, an initiative of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), a public-private collaboration that drives innovation by leveraging existing higher education and corporate assets to attract equity funding necessary to bolster entrepreneurial efforts that grow the region’s life sciences sector. CICP has a 20-year track record of managing three Indiana Seed Funds (Indiana Seed Fund I-III), which have supported 30 Indiana-headquartered startups.

Indiana Seed Fund IV has committed capital and will raise additional funds by tapping into CICP’s cross-sector networks and through corporate engagement. With Indiana’s growing industries in agbiosciences, manufacturing, and technology, Indiana Seed Fund IV will identify and develop cutting-edge startups unlocking new products and services at the intersections of life sciences and these nascent and legacy industries. CICP will utilize its credibility among corporate partners, family offices, and community foundations interested in supporting and advancing Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by demonstrating how investing in Indiana startups will create meaningful impact across multiple measures.