Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs


Jackson, WY

Project Name

Jackson Hole Investor Group

Award Amount

Federal Share: $168,500
Local Match: $172,500

This EDA investment aims to support efforts to ensure the historically underserved geographies and populations within Wyoming, including indigenous populations and women, benefit from the transition to clean energy industries. Historically, access to private equity capital has been a consistent roadblock in Wyoming for realizing this unique opportunity. To respond to this need, the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (JHCGA), in coordination with the Wyoming Business Council and others, will build the Jackson Hole Investor Group (JHIG). The JHIG will be a network of investors with the shared goal of attracting and supporting new clean energy projects across the state.

Building on JHCGA’s more than 20 years of experience and deep network, the JHIG will be a “one-stop-shop” for residents focused on investing in net zero industries working alongside state partners and community representatives, particularly for women, coal workers, and tribal communities. The JHIG aims to strengthen expertise in navigating the complex federal funding landscape, broaden partnerships, and bolster processes to deliver end-to-end support, from identifying funding opportunities to project implementation. Additionally, the JHIG will create an action plan based on prospective deal flow, regulatory environment, and other state-specific factors.