The Enterprise Institute


Brookings, SD

Project Name

Dakota Seed Fund

Award Amount

Federal Share: $364,577
Local Match: $364,578

This EDA investment will support the creation of the Dakota Seed Fund, a sustainable seed fund that will invest in early-stage technologies, companies, and entrepreneurs. By providing crucial equity capital to startups that are not yet ready for angel funding, the Dakota Seed Fund aims to accelerate their growth and pave the way for their success. Through this initiative, The Enterprise Institute will facilitate more opportunities for startup success in the entrepreneur ecosystem by collaborating with existing investors and stakeholders to create a seed fund framework.

The Enterprise Institute aims to work with a diverse set of partners across the state to ensure that its initiative aligns with best practices and supports a wide range of entrepreneurial endeavors. As an experienced administrator of angel investment funds in the state, The Enterprise Institute has identified a significant capital access gap impacting early-stage ventures. While angel investment capital is available, some promising startups are not yet at the right stage for such investments. The Dakota Seed Fund will fill this void by targeting these companies while providing guidance and access to seed capital.