Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation


Sierra Vista, AZ

Project Name

Cochise Ignite

Award Amount

Federal Share: $298,504
Local Match: $298,504

This EDA investment will help launch Cochise Ignite to cultivate a nascent tech economy by building partnerships across industries, solidifying governance models for an inclusive tech ecosystem, and planning and prototyping new tech-based entrepreneurship programming. Collectively, these efforts will harness the latent innovation potential within Cochise County and pave the way for additional tech-based economic development projects. This research-based approach will identify assets, gaps, and resources through on-the-ground research. Cochise Ignite aims to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to join and grow the innovation economy through scalable tech entrepreneurship.

Cochise Ignite will actively collaborate with community partners from nonprofit sectors, government, and educational institutions to identify barriers to tech entrepreneurship, reaching those who are underrepresented in traditional innovation spaces, such as veterans, people with disabilities, people of color, parents, students, and English-language learners. Cochise Ignite will build the foundation for future tech startup incubation and acceleration, foster innovation, create jobs, and catalyze economic growth in Cochise County.