Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation


Brownsville, TX

Project Name

Startup Texas Accelerator & Early-Stage Funding Program

Award Amount

Federal Share: $1.2 million
Local Match: $1.3 million

This EDA investment seeks to expand necessary infrastructure and incentives to strengthen the regional entrepreneurial economy and nurture scalable startups. This program offers a comprehensive five-stage pathway, meticulously tailored to ensure the growth and success of both the entrepreneur and their innovative venture or technology. By leveraging a model developed at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Center (UTRGV-ECC), the program aims to introduce a cutting-edge accelerator tailored to support enterprises in the technology, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and energy sectors. Via this grant, the program will expand its capacity to offer vital trainings, technical support, and a robust resource network. The ultimate project objective is to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to secure funding and potential investments from both public and private entities. This will not only foster the evolution and expansion of their technology or venture, but it will also catalyze significant economic growth for the wider region.