North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative


Los Alamos, NM

Project Name

Advance a strong IT workforce in cybersecurity and advanced manufacturing.

Award Amount

Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $300,000

This EDA investment will support the North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (NAIMI) as it works with Santa Fe to grow a cybersecurity/IT workforce to diversify its economy. NAIMI recently developed a Clean Energy Economy Roadmap to grow jobs around the use of clean energy. This 3-year effort provides the basis for NAIMI to leverage the roadmap in the project.  The need for an increased cybersecurity workforce is demonstrated by the FBI Infragard program and the NM Cybersecurity Act. The transition to a smart grid requires improved IT monitoring/control capabilities. The same applies to advanced manufacturing. Progress is constrained by a lack of qualified workers. The project aims to develop a diverse workforce needed in the cybersecurity/IT sectors, which is needed to attract and grow business and advanced manufacturing. NAIMI will lead efforts with area colleges to align their programs with projected for grid modernization efforts and other emergent, technology-driven industries.

The project will be a model that can be rolled out across New Mexico through its twelve regional advisory groups. By developing a qualified and diverse workforce with a wide range of skills to meet the projected increase in cybersecurity/IT jobs, this project seeks to diversify Santa Fe’s economy and position the state for long-term economic growth.