Pacific American Foundation


Kailua, HI

Project Name

ThriveHI Field Catalyst Development Study

Award Amount

Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $379,535

This EDA investment will support the development of an innovation ecosystem in Hawai’i through the ThriveHI project. Hawaiʻi has long-sought to diversify its economy beyond tourism by fostering a technology and innovation ecosystem. The Pacific American Foundation (PAF) will create a statewide network of non-profit organizations, individuals, and businesses committed to building Hawaii’s tech economy. PAF aims to ensure the network of organizations is representative of and serves Hawaii’s diverse stakeholders, especially those most marginalized. PAF will use a data-driven approach to identify tech niches where Hawaiʻi has the greatest potential for success and incorporate this research with input from the ThriveHI Network to co-create a strategic plan for technology-driven economic development. This plan, rooted in community alignment, will guide the field and ensure that initiatives by ecosystem members are working towards a common goal. This project will break down communication barriers to foster greater collaboration among the various network members, allowing for improved coordination and sharing resources, ideas, and best practices.