Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative


Fort Collins, CO

Project Name 

Innosphere Ventures Regional Life Sciences Incubator

Award Amount

Federal Share: $2 million
Local Match: $2.8 million

This EDA investment supports the Innosphere Ventures Regional Life Sciences Incubator, which aims to shape the future of life sciences, harnessing the strengths of its network of nine R1 research universities across six states to fuel transformative innovation. Innosphere aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that accelerates the journey from lab to the marketplace, bolstering the regional economy while addressing global health and sustainability challenges.

The vision is to stimulate economic growth, create high-value jobs, scale the tech pipeline, generate regional interest, and increase capital access for commercializing technologies. As pioneers in the regional life sciences industry, Innosphere looks to foster an inclusive, diverse community of innovators, enabling them to make groundbreaking strides toward a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future.

The collaboration includes nine universities and bioscience associations spans six states - Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, and South Carolina - enveloping an area representing nearly 50 million people.